The modern woman has very strong shoulders. Upon those shoulders she strives to balance an assortment of fragments that life imposes on her.

The contemporary woman is charged with the noble stewardship of motherhood. She is committed to a career and engaged in a side gig. Does this resonate with you? Throw in marriage, your personal and social life and things can get a bit too much!

Juggling all of it in a balanced way can leave you overwhelmed and thinned out. You are likely to neglect one or more aspects of your life, which is essentially counterproductive. In light of this then, what is the possibility of a life which encompasses balance and productivity? what the modern woman refers to as ‘having it all’?

Here are effective ways that will grease your wheels as you balance out marriage, motherhood, career, your side gig and most importantly, yourself.

  1. Evaluate Your Life

First things first, you will need to scan your life from a wide scope. This will give you a clear perspective of where your best foot is, and what is slacking. Ask yourself the right questions; Which spheres are you content with? Which aspects are calling out for more attention? Which non -essential habits are you devoting time to?

  1. Prioritize And De-clutter

Draw a line between what is priority and what is not. Direct your energy and attention towards what is of utmost importance. Evaluate your personal and social life. Whereas these two elements of your life are pertinent, ask yourself whether their benefits measure in equal intensity.

This will compel you to disrupt your current pattern to create space for a new order of things. Aim to declutter habits that consume huge chunks of your time with no real benefits.

  1. Churn Out A Schedule

A schedule is a sure-fire way to keep you balanced and accountable. With your priorities determined, make a detailed schedule. It will reinforce your commitment and efficiency at executing your responsibilities. Delegate some tasks to your family members. It keeps you from drowning and instils responsibility. A schedule also eliminates distractions likely to throw you off -balance. In the event that unforeseen circumstances disrupt your schedule, ensure to jump right back into it as soon as the situation has been dealt with.

  1. Carve Out Some Me-Time!

‘Me-time’ is one of most exhilarating pleasures of a mother. Silent bliss away from crying babies, work deadlines and marital responsibilities. Carve out some alone time to allow your internal compass to re-focus. Alone time helps you stay attuned to your gut feeling which increases self awareness. It also enables you to unearth the real essence of you. Meditation is the perfect way to connect with yourself and find internal balance.

  1. Celebrate Your Micro Wins

Acknowledge and celebrate any positive results emanating from your schedule. However minor. Jot them down. This will keep you enthused and motivated to take on more in your life! Positive results will propel you toward a balanced life.

Walking the tight rope of life while balancing motherhood, career and marriage need not be overwhelming. With the right planning and adjustments, you can hold it together without losing your head. It is very possible to keep your internal fire burning. Incorporate these tips and you will be well on your way to create a harmonised lifestyle. After all, children grow up, careers get established and marriages find their own ways to simmer.