A dog chasing it’s own tail.

That picture is the perfect definition for my state of mind several weeks ago. A relentless search for something. Always feeling close enough to grasp it, but always slipping through my fingers. I could not fault my external circumstances. Everything was near perfect.


My child-like curiosity completely engrossed in studying the trends of this big city. Melbourne. Completely absorbed in making new acquaintances. Chilling in the clean crisp air. A far cry from the hot humidity in Dubai where I perched for a decade.


I was doing my due diligence. Turning in early enough for a good chunk of sleep. Running and eating clean. Yet in the midst of it all, my internal compass was out of sync. I felt a surge of disconnect. I was floating on a cloud. I could not seem to locate my centre.

That laser-focus I had envisioned as the trademark of this new chapter of my life seemed ever so elusive.


One cold evening, I stepped into the shower and switched off mentally. Completely absorbed into the pitter-patter of the shower. When I stepped out, I was engulfed by the most serene stillness.

That meditation moment had created a space where I connected with myself. The feeling was sublime. The kind that exudes a smile for no apparent reason.

And just like that, I resolved to incorporate meditation into my daily routine.


When I carve out time for morning meditation, I am reaching for my inner stillness. I am launching a platform for the only voice that matters. The voice of awareness. The voice that speaks a language authentic to my core. I am peeling off the layers with an intention to increase self awareness.


I attribute an increase in my energy levels to meditation. As I meditate, I link up to my real source of energy. There is a warm energy that emanates from deep concentration. A warmth that serves as a perfect antidote for stress. Eliminating stress empowers me to execute my mission effectively.


Do you have days when your ability to focus seems hampered? Try a 10 minute meditation.

You will experience a streamlined thought process. As you practice regularly, your memory will perk up. Your mental disk will retain more information.


Studies have shown an improvement in cognition by means of meditation. That totally blows my mind!

What an absolute thrill to be able to heighten our mental ability to acquire knowledge and understanding?


Meditation offers us that possibility.


In the complexities of life, we get embroiled in DOING rather than BEING. Our days are spent rummaging through a checklist of errands. We rivet our eyes on outcomes and fail to live in the moment.  We fail to engage and be present.

Really present.

We skip a beat from our inner rhythm. We lose touch with ourselves. We lose ourselves in the world.


Isn’t it amazing to discover that we can reclaim our rhythm through this simple but powerful act of meditation?


When you adopt meditation into your lifestyle, you will begin to be in tune with yourself.

As you recognize the power within, you will experience an elevated quality of life. In quietness, will be your strength.


Join me as we unearth this treasure of meditation. Let us embark on the journey to higher and better expression of ourselves.

As we drown out the voices of the world to seek our true voice, we will become anchored. When we find our authentic voice, we will be comfortable to show the world who we really are