A beautiful face is every girl’s dream. But let’s face it, we all grapple with skin imperfections. Which explains our obsession with makeup. Great makeup exudes zest, and adds a spring to our step all day. Makeup is an art perfected through patient practice. Simulating YouTuber’s will hone your makeup dexterity. Allowing you to step out looking like a diva! The real challenge is sustaining that diva look all day long. Fortunately this is very achievable. Here are tips guaranteed to hold your makeup all day!

  1. Create A Canvas

Cleanse your face from any lodged dirt, oil or dead skin. Burnish those pores. Exfoliate your skin weekly. It will smooth your face, and eliminate fine lines. Your makeup will glide smoothly and last longer. Remember to exfoliate your lips too.

  1. Quench Your Face

Use a quality moisturizer to hydrate and maintain your skin’s elasticity. Moisturizing will smooth your face and help your make up last longer.

Sebum production and moisture fluctuate as the day goes by. Invest in a moisturizer that can react positively to this. Go for a moisturizer which complements your skin type.

  1. Create A Barrier

Give your makeup staying power by applying an oil-free, water based primer. A primer is effective at sealing in your moisturizer. It will also form a barrier to prevent your makeup from being sucked in. A primer will also transform the texture of your skin to give your makeup a natural look.

  1. Layer Up

Are you tired of makeup that looks caked? The secret is to apply your makeup in layers. Allow several minutes for each product to seep in before applying the next. This will ensure a smooth texture. A perfect base for makeup that lasts all day.

  1. Set With Powder And Spray

A lightweight powder is perfect for setting your makeup. It will cement your product and give it staying power. Dot your powder lightly to blend well. Avoid dabbing the powder, as this will result in unwanted lines. Another amazing trick to hold your makeup all day is to use a setting spray. It will polish your skin and leave a matte finish. It is the glue that holds your makeup together for longer!


  1. Blot The Grease

Excess oil can alter the durability of your makeup. Re-applying makeup to an oily face can breakdown your makeup finish. Blotting is the ideal way to deal with grease on the face. Blotting papers absorb the oil without smudging your makeup.

  1. Do Not Touch

Keep your hands away from your face. By doing this you reduce the formation of fine lines and smudges. You also minimise the risk of a bacterial infection.


Incorporate these clever tips the next time you glam up. Your makeup will last longer and bolster your confidence. Step out like the diva you are!