‘I didn’t come to compete. I came to win.’ Arnold           Schwarzenegger.

This is a statement of affirmation from one of the world’s strongest men. A true reflection into the mindset of an individual in full ownership of their power. The kind which is more grandiose than physical strength. Power is the energy you are anchored on. It stems from your authentic truth.


As you sail through life, you either bolster your power or retreat from it. The dynamics of keeping your power can be misconstrued as arrogance. On the flip side, retreating from your power chips away at your mental strength. We live in a society full of external influences.

Do you often allow people to rob you of your power?

It is possible to find your center.  You can awaken your power!


Your Gut is Always Right.

Your gut is that voice within.

That silent sliver of enlightenment that steers you in a certain direction.

Several times I turned a blind eye to my gut. Needless to say, the outcomes were regrettable.

Your gut mirrors the energy you are operating within at any given moment. Listening to your gut can transform your life. You can harness it to gauge the energy that people project. You can also use it as a compass when facing difficult choices. It offers you a clarity that no one else would.

If it does not feel right, walk away.


Define Your Standards

Standards are codes that govern the way you live your life.

They determine what you deem acceptable. High standards people lead an elevated quality of life.

Stand for something or you will stand for nothing and fall for anything. Defining your standards is a sure fire way of maintaining your power. It is a natural selection process that keeps the right people in your inner circle. Blending the right people your life is an integral component in your progression. It is fundamental to reinforcing your power.


Dare To Stand Out From a Crowd

Family or friendship ties often place psychological obligations on you to abide by their ways. Accommodating demands against your better judgement is a clear sign of giving power away. Do not shy away from standing by your own convictions. When you give in due to fear, you erode the essence of what makes you YOU. As you stand on your own, you define your power.  You keep your authenticity.

Aim to ride on the wings of courage.


Know What To Keep.

Only a fool rejects correction.

Our constant aim should be to evolve into better individuals. Which is what makes other people’s criticism of us valuable. However, you should evaluate the merit of their assessment on you. Healthy constructive feedback propels you on a path to self development. Be warned against opinions that do not reflect your self-worth.

In keeping with your power, you need to set mental boundaries.  Know what to keep. Know what to trash.

No one knows you better than you.


Keep Your Tribe Close.

Think of your life as one big adventure building a tower.  You need girders to fortify your cause. This is the significance of a tribe.

Everybody needs a tribe.

Your tribe’s ideologies should marry with yours. Your tribe should replenish your bucket. Your tribe should call you out. Your tribe should radiate sunshine. Your tribe should galvanise your sense of worth.

It is a prerequisite to reinforce your power.


As you defend your power, you build higher reserves to the downs of life. You cultivate a resilience that stems from being self aware.

Dare to break the chains of fear and stand on your power. This is the gateway to more sustainable bonds. Indelible bonds are harmonized from a place of authenticity.

Steer clear of negativity and the people who breed it. Toxicity dissolves your energy. It inhibits and drains your power, which is absolutely precious.

You are only as powerful as you see yourself.