You don’t have to look far to see it. It will find you. It is on TV commercials, as you scroll down on your Facebook feed or even when you pick up that weekend magazine you love to immerse yourself in.

The fast food culture. Combine that with a hectic lifestyle, the constant clamour to climb up the corporate ladder, and our physical fitness goes out the window!

In light of this, how do we ensure we stay in control of the health docket?

  1. Strike A Note

If your memory is anything like mine, then I can guarantee that at some point, it will fail you! Thank goodness, over the years, I discovered the perfect antidote – jotting it down.

Jot down all the reasons to up your fitness game. Whether they stem from the doctor’s visits, an old photo of you that jolts you into reality or just the mere liberation of owning your body. Jotting it down will re-invigorate your commitment each time you look at it.

  1. Bestir Yourself

Motivation is the perfect ‘pick me up’. It can be stickers that affirm your mission, images that reflect your ultimate fitness destination or mantras that resonate with you. Display them prominently in spots where you frequent, like the fridge, the mobile charging port or the bathroom mirror. Seek an exercise partner, one who will keep you accountable and committed.

The web is loaded with fitness apps that are excellent at tracking performance and endurance. Download one or two versions that are suited to your workout. Combine these with some great music and you are good to go. They are guaranteed to keep you fired up!

  1. Set Micro goals

Micro goals fuel your ultimate target. These are little chips you can consume on your fitness journey. Exert yourself and run an extra kilometre, make a 10 minute extension at the gym, add a litre to your daily water intake. If weight loss is your goal, strive to drop a certain amount of weight within a specific period. The most effective way is to buy an outfit one size smaller with an intention of wearing it in a month or two. It will keep you enthused.

  1. Easy Does It

Treat yourself with kindness. Engage in workouts that you get a kick out of. Feel free to spruce it up as you go along and throw in a variety of workouts.  It is a sure-fire way to keep your momentum. Some days your inclination will be low hindering you from performing at your most excellent. Remind yourself that a 20 minute walk is better than accomplishing nothing at all.

Celebrate your milestones by acknowledging even the slightest improvements.

Dress in outfits that are comfortable and make you feel sassy. This will  ensure you steer clear of injuries and stay motivated at the same time.

  1. Convert To A Lifestyle

Integrate your fitness regime into your lifestyle.

Carve out a dedicated time slot in your day to incorporate the workout. Endeavour to have your workout bag ready with the training gear and all essentials.

You may want to swap dinner with friends for a walk by the beach. Substitute a night at the movies for a yoga session. Leave that game for another day – head off for a run! It will fortify your cause and keep you from falling off the bandwagon.

Delve into the internet and research healthy alternative foods to supplement your normal diet and keep you in fine fettle. The internet is a feast of recipes, tutorials and cooking lessons that you can utilise to make your meals both healthy and tantalizing to your palate.


Optimal health and fitness demand determination, persistence and discipline. Minor adjustments in diet and lifestyle yield lasting effects. A gratifying body image commands poise. On the other side of a rigorous workout is a rush of endorphins that leave you feeling like a million bucks!