It has been said that a story awaits us on the other side of every new venture.

This is why my constant response, whenever asked about my latest trip has been; ‘Bali was pure bliss’.  I had been nursing a deep-rooted desire to experience Bali for quite some time.  So, when an opportunity to visit this lovely Asian island came calling, I packed up, and off I went! Idyllic  Nusa Dua piqued my interest. This wonderful Bali location is an ideal haven for those of you seeking optimum relaxation.

Here are 5 exhilarating reasons why Bali deserves a slot in your travel planner.


1. Water Blow

This amazing viewpoint into the majestic blue ocean is the perfect epitome of a display of splendor.

You get to witness the swelling tide gain momentum only to disintegrate upon crashing into the cliff.  It announces its business by sending out thunderous roars which can be heard from afar.  The best time to behold this breathtaking spectacle is when the tide is high. The majestic Indian Ocean swells soar into the air in a welter of foam and spray, and may even leave you drenched! A good place to go for a morning shower… 😉

Tip:  If you are a photo enthusiast, visit the site before noon.

This is when the lighting ambiance is exquisite, and best when the tide is at its peak. Most importantly, the site is not crowded! Hence you do not have to worry about your pics being photo bombed by random strangers!


2.Water sport

Bali offers numerous stimulating water recreations.

Your options include and are not limited to; diving, jet ski, snorkeling, parasailing and water ski. Numerous water sport companies offer attractive packages online, or talk to one of the touts on the beach. This way you are guaranteed to find one that suits your wallet.  Always verify the company’s credibility by checking vital details such as certified instructors and safety equipment. Most well managed companies provide lunch and pick up/drop off services to the sites. Always look out for companies offering photography deals-you surely want to cherish the memories!

It is prudent to consult your physician before participating in case you have a pre-existing condition.

Tip:  If you are susceptible to sea sickness, take a motion tablet 30 minutes to 1 hour before the activity. Taking it after the sickness has hit will not avert the symptoms.


3. Shopping

You can satisfy your shopping craving in Bali at affordable prices.  Nusa Dua houses Bali’s largest shopping complex, Bali Collection.  This leafy, open space complex is a  lend of modern and Balinese styles. There are shops, restaurants, pharmacies and salon spas. This 19 acre facility also houses a supermarket where you can pick up supplies.

My recommendation however, is shopping in the Kuta area. Here, heaps of stores on multiple streets offer clothing and cultural artifacts at reasonable prices. You can even strike a bargain and save some money!

If your adventurous bug bites, you can catch a taxi to Seminyak or Ubud. The payment mode of the taxi will either be meter controlled or a negotiated fixed price. A ride through the toll way will cost you a bit more but will often save valuable time.

Tip:  Convert your cash into US dollars before your trip. Being the universal currency makes it widely acceptable. It also makes it easier to assess your spending.


4. Restaurants

The tourism influence on this scenic island has diversified its food culture in a big way.

Bali is awash with a variety of cuisines guaranteed to satiate your palate. You can take your pick between Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Thai and of course Indonesian.  As a rule of thumb, you must sample local cuisine! If you are a meat lover, then Rendang Sapi Padang is my special recommendation. This slow cooked meal is infused with flavors from spices and an assortment of herbs. This traditional dish is traditionally served with rice to distinguished guests on special occasions.

Bali has a spot for every wallet.  You will encounter the most exquisite fine dining options, to the moderately priced as well as cheap eats.

Tip:   Indulge in gastronomic flavors at Mama San restaurant at Seminyak.


5. Cultural shows

Bali prides itself in warm weather, rolling rice fields, yellow sandy beaches and scenic views. The cherry on top though, is the warm hospitality of the Balinese people.  Their friendly gestures and smiles will make you feel welcomed and appreciated. Their night shows allow you a glimpse into their culture, often showcased through performances of traditional dance.



Indonesia allows citizens of many countries to enter it’s borders without a visa. Check online to see if your country qualifies.

Always have your Yellow Fever vaccine certificate alongside your passport. You do not want to be denied entry after flying for hours!

Ensure you get travel insurance before any trip. You can never be too careful!

Do not forget to bring your own pack of medication, for example food poisoning and flu tablets.


Once in a while, in the grind of life, we need to pause and reset.

To refill our cup.

To allow our internal compass to re focus.

To regain momentum.

Bali is the perfect solution!