Several months ago as I de-cluttered, I stumbled upon a little brown booklet. I took it, began flipping through as I detached the pages that had moistened together. Its pages carried an earthy musk.

As I flipped through, it evoked memories. Flashbacks dating slightly over a decade came alive. I grabbed a seat, and set the stage to be consumed but the flow of words and memories.  Those warm Sunday afternoons came flooding back. I floated across that canvas where I had painted and sprinkled dreams and aspirations of different shades and colors. I saw a young version of me beaming with enthusiasm. Sketching images of my future.  Drafting the masterpiece that would form the blueprint of my life.

You see, the fountain of youth is where we plant seeds in the garden of our imagination. Like the potter’s clay, our mindsets are best molded when raw and malleable. In the innocence of youth, possibility is all that exists. So we create. We build. We envision.

My projections in the little brown book had taken a 360. I had desired to work for a Non-Governmental Organization.  At some point, pregnant with the American dream, I had put dibs on a US Green Card. I hankered for a life in ‘The land of the free and the home of the brave.’ My eyes were set on five children. A full house appealed to me. The chatter and laughter of kids epitomized joy and bliss.


Fast-forward… my current life bears little resemblance to those imaginings. None of those dreams saw the light of reality. They were all smoke and mirrors. Yet in so many ways, it is very gratifying! As I flipped through the book, I had an epiphany… Not all dreams are meant to come true. This big thing called LIFE does not always comply!

When you examine the trail of life through the lens of your past, it brings things into focus.  Your heart warms with gratitude for dreams that never saw the light of day.  You awaken to the realization that your priorities then are not in alignment with your purpose now. You smile, because through it all, life has served you. At times, the ride was been pretty good! At other times, it may have led you through treacherous detours. Yet those detours were flames that tempered the strength within you.

As I laid down the little book, I perceived with extraordinary clarity how paramount it is to trust our life’s journey.

It is important to validate your current stage in life because today casts its shadows into tomorrow. Your present day endeavors form the foundation upon which your tomorrow erects. What is in your well will come up in the bucket.  The life you want is set in motion by embracing what you already have. When you are faithful with little, your hands will be entrusted with plenty. In blessing your life through gratitude, abundance will find its way to you.


As we grapple with finding our bearings in the scheme of life, we are often trapped in the cycle of comparison. My mind draws me back to seasons in my yesteryears when I envied those who had more resources than I. I harbored silent longings for the stuff they possessed. After all, wasn’t that the ticket that would usher them into the boulevards of success? As I dipped my feet (and continue to) into the sobering waters of wisdom it dawned on me how deeply tainted my ideologies were. The world is full of men and women who once basked in opulence before the boat of life capsized, leaving them condemned to the strands of poverty.  On the flip-side, numerous are the tales of men and women whose legacies have torn the fabric of poverty and ushered them into a bountiful existence. This insight only reaffirms that you are indeed the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.


Throw yourself into your race with grit and determination. Play your drum the best way you know how. Steer clear of the web of comparison. It will sap the energy from you.  Own your stage with pride. Get up and show up. When you are in control of the steering wheel of your life, the journey will lead you to your purpose.  When you grasp that notion, moving with the tide of life will become a breeze.

Stumbling on that little book reminded me how satisfying it felt to pen down my goals and aspirations. When you define your dreams in ink, it imprints an indelible mark in your consciousness. It also evokes clarity of purpose. The more I evolve, the more I become cognizant of the vast scope of life. Raise the curtain of your imagination my friend, and dare to dream.  Ink those dreams and refer to them consistently. It will heighten your commitment.



When your tomorrow finally dawns, it may birth all your dreams. However, if by the slightest chance your dreams wither like those in my little brown book, do not despair. The power of imagination is yours.

Dream your life. Make it real. Own your spark!