You and every other successful person are woven from the same fabric. There is not a grain of difference between you and them. You possess the same uncharted reservoirs of potential lodged within.

Why then are their lives very different from yours?

What makes the big difference between you and them is in the way they do things. It is in the small tweaks that they apply in their lives. There is a quote that I have come to love; small hinges open big doors. This statement of great power reinforces the significance of small adjustments and how they can transform your life.

As 2018 is just about to pick her tools and close shop. I hope it serves as a reminder of the preciousness of time. I hope you have carefully examined your life and set new goals to pursue and new walls to scale.

These effective tips will drive you toward the attainment of your goals faster.

1. Catch The First Gleam Of Dawn
The benefits of getting up earlier an extra hour a day are plenty. I do know that it is quite difficult when you first start off, but there are ways to go about that. The first thing you need to remember is that it is all in the mindset. I don’t care how sleepy you feel, if you want to get up at 4 am, you will get up at 4 am. The battle is always won in the mind. Once you decide to get up early, snoozing the alarm will not be an option. You will get up as soon as it goes off. No doubt.

Once you are up, staying up is the main battle. You can listen to podcasts over your cup of tea or coffee. I suggest listening to an uplifting message that deposits positive energy in your mind. One of the best ways to start your day is to begin by exercising. It not only keeps you mentally alert all day, which accelerates your productivity but it also ensures that you reap maximum benefit from the exercise.

2. A Plan Is Your Compass
Getting by your day is so much easier when you have a plan. It is very basic and very effective at streamlining your tasks and helping you maximize your time. The best thing about it is that as you cross out each task once completed, it makes you enthusiastic to go on to the next. If you are like me, you will agree that coming to the end of your day with a sense of accomplishment really soothes your heart.

The easiest way to begin would be to set the objectives for the next day. Before long you will find that you have become competent enough to map out the tasks for the entire week. Having a plan really sharpens your discipline. I like what Bob Proctor says ‘a disciplined person is one who is able to give himself a command and follow it’. Isn’t that powerful?

3. Read read read!
Books can take you where no one can. Reading books on personal development at least an hour a day is all you need to start taking your life notches higher. Books not only usher you into a world of new possibilities but they also reveal things in you that you didn’t know you had!

People often say that reading a book twice shows you snippets that you had overlooked the first time. However, it is more empowering to know that reading a book twice shows you elements with you that you have always overlooked. Your mind is like a garden. It has the potential to flourish like an orchid if you are intentional about what you allow in.

4. Iron Sharpens Iron
You only need to look at 5 of your friends to see the kind of person that you are. Because iron sharpens iron, it goes without saying that your quality of connections determine how far you go in life. No one gets here alone. Which is why it is vital to arm yourself with people who resonate with your goals. From time to time, it becomes necessary to revamp and let go of people who are not headed in your direction. Don’t feel guilty about doing that, self-love is not selfish.


There you go friend, these small but powerful adjustments are the tools you must use to start taking your life notches higher. They are the building blocks of a good foundation upon which you can tap into your potential and ride on the wings of success.