December is here! Finally, the season of bliss and merrymaking has unveiled on us. It is synonymous with the end of year staff parties, family get-togethers’ and community events. It is time to cast a wide nest of love and gratitude for the people planted in our lives. Like an assortment of spices, people infuse our lives with a distinct tinge and flavor forming a beautiful aroma. As we usher in the festive season yet again, let us sprinkle their lives with acts of gratitude. Let us paint a rainbow in their lives for loving us and for enriching our lives in meaningful ways.

What a better way to show appreciation than to tailor-make it according to the individual? Here is a list of 4 people whom you must shed light and love to, this Christmas season.

• Yourself

You scaled the wall that was 2018. You navigated through its challenges and mountain-top experiences. You tapped into the winning stroke buried in your element and pushed the stone upon which the past 11 months sat on. And here you are, closer to the culmination. In your round-table of gratitude, you need to reserve the most prime spot for yourself for no one is more deserving of gratitude than you, my friend.

You know that vacation that you have always yearned for? This is the time to make that reservation. This is the time to make that massage appointment. This is the time to gang up with your mates and take up that hiking excursion. Buy that book. Do what makes you come alive. Embark on that adventure that fills you up.

• Those with mad love for you.

You know them. That fine gentleman who melts your heart. That noble woman who fills your world with butterflies. That child whose eyes light a fire of affection in your soul. It could even be your mother or father, or the one person in whose arms lies the strength beneath your wings.
Do you feel conflicted when deciding on ways that you can garnish their lives and make them feel appreciated? It is very simple since these are in your inner circle which in turn means you are fully conversant with their wishes. A very easy approach would be to compensate for their weak point. Step in and do for them the things they hate doing.

You know how their closet always looks like a tornado has swept through? Step in, overhaul that mess and leave it immaculate. You can offer to mow their lawn. Or how about cleaning their windows? If they are the sporty kind, how about engaging them in a game of their choice?

• Those who faithfully serve us

Oh, how they simplify our lives! What would we do without them? Think of the babysitter who attends to your kids so that you are free to build your empire. Or the help who tarts up after you and transforms your home into a homely haven. Or the night guard who braves the icy chill in the dead of night to keep your compound shielded while you immerse in the warmth of your cozy bed. Don’t forget the guy at your local coffee shop who diligently works his magic in your coffee every time.
Make them appreciated this festive season by giving them a bonus wage. You can stretch it a tad bit by throwing in a handwritten note reaffirming their role of making life better. How about giving your help extra time off this festive season? When was the last time you put in a good word for your coffee man to his employer?
These simple acts will leave an indelible mark in their hearts.

• Your colleagues

Lifetime bonds are formed, nurtured and developed in workplaces. Most of these bonds transcend gender and racial lines and can impact your life greatly. This is also where you spend most of your waking days which is why the call to harness these relationships couldn’t be louder.
I know that is it not always bliss, but hey, what a better way to bury your hatchet than to send positive vibes? Bring fresh flowers into their world, literally. Everyone appreciates a little sprucing up. While you are at it, plant a card on their desk.


Let us add spice, flowers and all things beautiful to their lives. Let us cement those bonds by making them feel special. So there you go friend, buy those flowers, buy that gift and let us show them how much they mean to us.