What a ride! 2018 saw me navigate the murky waters of change and subsequent steep detours of uncertainty. There were several nights where sleep eluded me, as is often the case when we introduce change into our lives. Yet this same ride exposed me to grand lessons which I am more than pleased to share with you.


In your authenticity, you are king
I think Emerson the great American philosopher would have been more relevant in our present day. With all the rampant trends, the need for social acceptance is a plague devouring us slowly. We are constantly abandoning who we truly are, and adopting what is trending on social media.

He cautioned us against rejecting our authenticity when he said imitation is suicide. What he was essentially saying, was that imitating others suppresses your own originality. Freedom is being true to yourself. It frees the shackles of false expectations placed on you by others. It also gives you a green light to map your destiny in a manner that resonates with you.


Faith and fear live on the same side of the block
This is a great irony, right? Packaged in your dream are both faith and fear. Simultaneously coexisting. Each takes you in a distinct direction which is why you must always decide wisely.

The secret? Pursue it anyway. Clenched fists and a throbbing heart notwithstanding. That thing that scares the daylights out of you, is the same thing that kills the fear. Once you stick your head out and make the first step, half the battle is won. When you get to the other side of the valley, fear crumbles into nothingness. What remains are conquered dreams and goals.


In all thy getting, get understanding.
You can only go as far as you can see. The noblest form of sight is ‘insight’ which is synonymous with understanding and wisdom. You see, there is always a higher dimension. There is always a better version of you waiting to be unraveled. The only way to gain insight is to seek after it by learning, learning and then some more.


Learn to see beyond the cracks 

I learned through my son, that as I magnify his strong points, he works hard to shine even more. Remember the last time someone noticed your outfit? You see that stance you took as you adjusted your shoulders when they flung the compliment? It made you feel empowered, right? That’s what I mean. When you intentionally shift your focus on the good in people, you are able to spread more positive vibes. Most importantly, what you put out always finds a way of returning to you.

We are all broken vessels. Each one of us has a grain of fault. Yet when planted in the proper mental garden, we can rise and do wonderful things.


Create or disintegrate
There is no such thing as stagnancy in life. In every phase, you are either creating or disintegrating. You are either stuck in job, marriage or a pursuit that sucks the life out of you. Or you are flourishing in an atmosphere that makes you feel enthused. Whatever it is, if it does not empower you or promote your growth, it will inevitably make you wither away. Do you now see why it is vitally important to reinvent yourself? You need to be able to stop, pause and reset. Aim to birth the tenacity required to build a legacy from scratch and at the same time walk away and forge new frontiers.


Those my friends are some of the life lessons safely tucked away in the confines of my heart this end year.
What about you?
What lessons are you taking away as the year draws its curtain? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you shared with us and we can empower each other?