The curtain is drawn and 2019 has finally unveiled! It is that time again when we roll up our sleeves and adjust our stance to take on a new year. (that is if you are not still hung up on the end year festivities). Whatever the case, sooner or later, you will sober up and realize that it is yet another time to make your life better. To make other people’s lives better. To do things. To make your mark in the world. It is my hope that at least one of these endeavors resonates with you. I mean, we all have to justify our existence right?

And in so doing, you have scribbled notes of 2019 ‘resolutions’- which I prefer to call ‘goals’. You carefully dissected aspects of your life and decided on the rough edges that need ironing. You have hence, set health, financial and personal goals. Very noble. Very applaudable.

There is only one problem. (Ha! There is always one, right?) Do you recall January 2018, January 2017 and even the year before then? Like me, you did the exact thing you have done this year. And now you have traced the footsteps of your trail in 2018, and you intend to follow the pattern you set last year.

I guess what I am really trying to say is how I am not just bored of this ‘goal setting strategy’ each time a new year shows up on the doorstep of my life, but that it does not seem to be operating with as great efficiency as I would have it. I hope setting goals always works out for you each year. You know, like the engines of a new car. I really do.

If you have found success, help a sister over here because this is what is often the case with me; I start off all pumped up. Super-charged. Super-psyched. As I navigate through the first quarter of the year, I am on the ascending phrase, then halfway through the year, I enter into the cruise. This is where systems begin to stall. You know the brand car with new engine and shiny wheels? Yes, that one. It begins to lose its luster. I still remain in the game, but I begin to fizzle out. Fast.
And because time waits for no man, the second half of the year, comes overtaking me at a very high speed. And I stand-by and watch. With mostly half-baked goals. Out of 7, I proudly conquer two. Yaay! Out of the two, one has a 100% success rate (probably because it is founded upon an ideal which I am passionate about) the other gets about 70% and the rest 5 have a scorecard which is not worth mentioning on this platform.



One of the numerous ancient Greek stories is the Myth of Sisyphus. He was a Greek King who received his fair share of punishment for wretchedness. The gods condemned him to an eternal fate of pushing a large stone up a steep climb. And this he did diligently. The only problem was that the damned stone could not stay up! Each time he almost got it to the top, it would roll back down. And Sisyphus would embark on pushing it back up again, only to have it roll back down.

Our goals are just like the Sisyphus stone. We gird ourselves with strength and prepare to push them to the top of the climb. The place of accomplishment. But they never really make it there. At least not all of them. Doing the same thing the same way gets you the same results. Every time. In light of this, what are we to do? This necessitates that you set up an entirely new ballgame. A brand new methodology that does not ‘feel’ like work. Because let’s face it, goals can feel a bit like work!
The good news is that there is a new and easy approach that can get you to your goals without actually setting them. Sounds cool right? Let’s delve into them…

Focus on now

On mountain-climbing adventures, you are best not focusing on the climb. The stark reality of the energy required to get to the top can weigh you down bigtime! Instead, enjoy the now. Give your best today. And tomorrow. And the day after. As you devote your energy to the present moment, it creates a cumulative effect. Before long, you will surprise yourself at how productive you can get.  This way, you get to move at your own speed, and in a way that makes you comfortable.

What a sustainable way of efficiently moving things upward! The bonus aspect of this; It eliminates that heavy feeling of ‘climbing a mountain’.


Life is an unpredictable wave

So you’ve got your goals/resolutions clearly defined. You are all set to go and then something unexpected happens. There is no shielding away from the surprises that fate drops at our doorsteps. Unfortunately, not many of us adapt easily to change.
Picture this; when change comes knocking, do you sit tight and deal with it? Absolutely not. Your first instincts will always nudge you to drop your tools and run. And so, just like that, your goals go flying out the window! The tragedy in this is that if you abandon one goal, it elicits a ripple effect. Sooner or later, you will walk away from the rest. Your best attitude is to focus on your actions instead of the goal.  One efficient action will leave you more enthused to continue, should calamity or change throw you off course.

In view of this then, wouldn’t you agree that sticking to daily plans and focusing on now, is more realistic and achievable than aiming at a massive goal at the top of the climb? Small hinges do in fact, open big doors. That is the beauty of concentrating on actions as opposed to goals.

Focus on now. Give it your best.

Sending you love and light for 2019 🙂