Many years ago, there was an old Sprite advert. The dark-skinned muscly guy would gulp an ice-cold Sprite down his throat. He must have pulled the bottle straight out of an ice bucket. It had tiny bubbles that formed droplets of water. It looked so cool. Never mind that the carbonated drink was loaded with sugar. Surely we don’t need more sugar now, do we?

Anyway, the zing of the advert was the words ‘Image is everything’. They seemed to pop right out of the TV and onto my face. Many years later, I would come to realize the relevance and power of the said words. Science and physiology have identified the one prime cause of success and failure in life, and it is the self-image that we have.
An image is indeed everything. Since your mind thinks in images, it becomes paramount to SEE things properly.

The image you have of yourself is the cornerstone from which all else stands. There are two integral aspects of a personal image which, when interlocked can usher you into an entirely new dimension. These two branches are internal and external.


Your internal image is the secret cave. Therein lies stuff that is so well packaged that unless one opens you up like the engine of a car, they will never know. Some of this stuff is only seen by someone else. Sort of like the nape of your neck. Isn’t it puzzling that we grow, play, cry, smile, fart and even have babies only for other people to pick up stuff in us that we never knew existed?

The rest of the stuff is known to you. For example, you know how far your courage can stretch. You know how tenacious your determination is. You know how wide your scope of generosity is.


Then there is your external image. This is like the stage of a theatre. It is where you showcase yourself in full view of the world. Us. On this platform, we are like little babies and you can make us believe whatever you want. You can paint any picture, sculpt any impression and we will take it in like a fish in water. The person who said ‘fake it till you make it’ must have known that fact.
The strokes with which you paint your external image have everything to do with how well groomed you are. Or how flawless a look you can pull off with the power of makeup.


Having identified the fundamentals, how then can you ensure that the words ‘image is everything’ mean something? I mean, after all, don’t we all want to hack this puzzle called life? Don’t we all want to eat it with one big spoon?


For you to be able to complete the picture of your self-image, you have to balance the two aspects. Each is relative to the other. You may have it together on the inside but if you don’t complete the masterpiece by sprucing up your physical appearance, you will fall short.
Because let’s face it, we are visual beings. Yup, we are judgmental like that. What you see, in the first few seconds of encountering someone, dictates the opinion you form of that person.


You also need to polish up your inner self-image. How do you do that? By taking a trip down memory lane. Remember when you were young and you were convinced that you could do anything? Or be anyone? When you were not aware that a word like ‘impossible’ even existed? You felt that you could conquer pretty much any mountain. Your self-image was perfect.

Then life happened because life has a bad habit of taking the gleam out of our eyes. Little by little, the flames began to lose their zeal. Self-doubt broke into your heart and made its dwelling, fear crept in and established its throne and booom! you threw in the towel. You began to look at your self in a less confident way. You allowed the fog to dull your internal lenses.


Now, the good news is that everything is subject to change. The great news is that there are ways of revamping your self-image.
The net is an array with ways of dressing up in a manner that puts a spring in your step. When you dress well, it ignites positive energy in you.

You can alter your internal self-image by feeding your mind with quality material, practicing self-love and incorporating affirmations. With persistence, you will realize that a shifting in your image. Both internal and external.

Before long, you will look at the person in the mirror and behold, how things have changed!
Streaks of sunshine will begin to shine through and darkness will fade away slowly.