If motherhood could be encapsulated in a phrase, it would best be described as a visitor who wears different coats.
For some, motherhood is like a visitor who shows up very early in their lives and catches them totally unprepared. For instance, a girl in her teens or twenties misses her period one day, and just like that is ushered into motherhood.

Motherhood entangles her just when she is attempting to lay the foundational bricks of education and career and derails those aspirational goals. Most of these young girls are forced to overhaul every aspect of their lives and make room to be a mother. Forced to push their education on the back burner, they slot in the huge responsibility of raising a baby. And this they do, even though they are half-baked themselves. They fumble in the dark, trying to give something that they do not have.

On the other side of the spectrum is a different species of woman.
For these, motherhood presents itself like a well-anticipated guest, preceded by the glitter of lavish weddings and proper planning. With open arms, these women welcome a baby into their home environment in style. Often to a tastefully decorated room adorned with a luxurious baby cot and toys. Talk about meticulous planners! These women born with a knack for it. Everything carefully thought out to a T.

Then there’s another category of woman altogether. Those who cross biological, tribal and racial divides. They are armed with big hearts and take on other peoples’ kids into the warmth of their bosoms.

The journey to motherhood is similar to that of a river. It meanders through thick forests and across vast land as it makes a way to the ocean. Or like a spring that gushes out on the middle of a valley and flows into the ocean. These forces of nature perfectly illustrate our journeys to motherhood; different paths, choices, actions, and circumstances. Each one of us, charting the waters of our lives differently but ultimately ending up in the ocean of motherhood.

The ocean of motherhood… we get to sail the boat, for ourselves and that of our babies. All at the same time. Yet as thrilling as that may be, the reality is that this is one very tempestuous sea. Because we are human, it goes to say that we don’t have it all figured out. Most of the times, our babies present challenges that we are not at all prepared for.
However what makes it more daunting is that as soon as we get close enough to grasp the dynamics, the babies outgrow it. Quickly. And the cycle continues.

The process of raising children then becomes a continuous chase. However, let us not forget that mothers have other races to engage in as well. What about careers, businesses, and self-development?

I mean we all know that the modern woman is fighting to bring down the walls. She wants to have it all. She burns the midnight oil balancing books to bring her dreams to pass. She gets up at the crack of dawn to fire up her passions. She activates her creativity to expand her world and that of her children. Yet all this she does while cleaning up messy situations. Whilst coaching and guiding her children on the path of responsibility and decency.
It goes without saying that she finds herself wedged. She grapples to balance too many balls at the same time. The danger in that is that she can easily lose her equilibrium in life.

If she does not celebrate herself more, she will find herself lost in the dark alley of emptiness. Without continually replenishing her soul, energy, motivation, and gusto, she will not have enough wind to captain her boat in the rocky ocean of motherhood.

To those of us graced with the blessing of motherhood, may we put the flags out more than just once a year. Because each day is a reason to celebrate. As you head out of your house today, look at the person in the mirror and applaud her for balancing the balls and weaving the web that holds our society.

Celebrate her daily because she is power, strength, and love all rolled up into one. Celebrate her, because she is you.