Do you know that very highly anticipated holiday? Well, it is finally here. I am referring to Easter – I know you know that. And what’s even better? It comes wrapped in a chunk of four days. Now, let’s be honest people, four days of holiday is enough to inject a lot of crazy excitement in many a folk.

What does that mean? Travel will be at an all-time high, with most people choosing to take the big bird. Because let’s face it, flying really is the king of travel. Did you know that there are a few things that you should avoid while flying?

1. Overdressing

Here’s the thing about flying.

It brings a surge of excitement and leaves you dancing with the temptation of going overboard with your dressing. This thrill will have you pulling out your favorite suit or dress. Look, whereas you might be more dapper than all the passengers on your flight, (which is great, by the way) that dress or suit may well be a one-way ticket to a super uncomfortable flight. Seriously.

This is one of those days when comfort wins over fashion. Your best bet? Stretchy and warm outfits like cotton tops, jeggings, and a hoodie. You see, planes are often a somewhat chilly environment. Unless your cold threshold is high, short outfits and sleeveless tops will just not cut it.

Today might also be the day you itch with a desire to don your heels or formal shoes. Again, bad idea. For starters, the pressure causes your leg veins to dilate due to sitting for long periods of time. Subsequently, the fluids pool into your legs. So what you have now are feet that resemble small tree trunks. Good luck fitting into your red-bottom heels! So yeah, ditch the heels and formal shoes for light and flexible footwear. Your sports shoes will do just fine.


2. Being Too Polite

No. Stick to your manners. By all means say ‘Thank you, Please and Excuse me’. But, don’t be glued to your seat for hours like a caged animal. You see, there’s this looming fear of ‘disturbing’ other passengers every time you leave your seat. Hence most people just sit tight. However, by not moving about, the probability of blood clots forming in your leg veins are high.  It can morph into a more ghastly condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis. But, it does not stop at that. The blood clot might find its way to the heart.

The damn clot then constricts blood flow and causes a heart attack. So yes, no matter how many eyes roll, keep taking that stroll. Don’t be shy. And while you are at it, keep those stretches going. After all, there are more refined ways of arriving at your holiday destination than with a stiff neck or back!


3. Make-up

Really, steer clear of makeup when flying. I know, I know, those snap chat videos need a proper face beat. However, flying make-up free is best for your skin. Think about this; the humidity in the cabin is about 10 percent, from the normal 50 percent. That’s pretty dry. So that faces your skin with its grand nemesis – dehydration. The perfect condition for dry and wrinkly skin. The guy who said ‘water is life’ really hit the nail on its head. Indeed, the optimum means of hydration is water. So drink up.

And while you are at it, slather some moisturizer on every few hours. Your skin will thank you later. I mean, no one wants to arrive at their destination with a cracked face that resembles that of a crocodile, right?

Caveat: Lip gloss does not count. Dry, chapped lips are an absolute no-no.


4. Going Hard On Booze

Everybody knows that holidays are synonymous with fun. Most people think that fun is synonymous with alcohol and so they let loose on the plane.  There’s only one problem though- alcohol impinges upon you differently in the air as compared to the ground.

Remember what we said about low humidity triggering dehydration? Well, alcohol cranks it up notches higher. You see, that glass of wine compels your kidneys to slog away and eliminate fluids. What that means is that you end up even more dehydrated.

What is worse is that it makes it harder to get over your jetlag. Yet we all know how that groggy feeling of jetlag dampens the mood. And isn’t that the last thing you need on a much-anticipated trip?


A Few Dribs and Drabs

Avoiding the aforementioned does not in any way take the fun away. On the contrary, it makes your flight much more pleasant and gets you prepped for your holiday.

Finally, here are a few extras to ensure you fly like a boss.

Remember to carry a pair of earplugs, a pen, a toothbrush, chewing gum, and some wipes. And if you are not the movie type, take your current read.

Happy Easter everyone!