Does that name ring a bell? If the Avengers series by Marvel is your kind of fanaticism, then this
name is sort of a household name. But, for those who have absolutely no idea what I am on about, I wish to explain. But, before I say anything else, allow me to say that there’s no judgment in not knowing who this guy is, seeing as Thanos and I met only met five days ago (well… virtually at least). Prior to that, I had not the slightest clue of his existence.

Superhero movies have never held any romance for me. You know how we all have something that massages our hearts or makes our toes curl, well, superheroes are not it. Or so I thought. Until I watched Black Panther. Then, hook, line, and sinker… I was captured (a story for another day).

Anyway, back to Thanos, the man whom many love to hate and even more hate to love. (Quite frankly, I
think I belong to the latter). So this really bad-ass, big guy has self-esteem as high as the pyramids of Egypt. Furthermore, he is also intent on leaving fingerprints in the world by effecting change.

There’s only one problem: Thanos has the most superbly distorted view of how he can do that. He seems to be
bound by this twisted ideology that reducing the world population makes the world a better place. And sadly enough, in the past, he stuck to his guns and actually eliminated virtually half the population.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Why? Because he realized that the remnants of the universe became one very bitter lot. Often haunted by the loss of their loved ones. Understandably so, Thanos!
So in this latest release, he seeks to make things right – in his usual absurd and tactical way. His plan? To
wipe out the entire population. Really, it can’t get any crazier. But hey, that’s Thanos for you.

How exactly will that fix things? I am glad you asked. Well, he justifies it by stating that: As long as there are those who remember what was, there will always be those that are unable to accept what can be.

Now, I don’t know about you but those words hit me hard. And I mean really hard. Like a blinding light
on the eyes. I think Thanos just reminded us that staying fixated in the past, is a chain that binds us from experiencing the wonder that tomorrow can be. Now, what Thanos did not tell us was how to pull ourselves from the rut of perpetual regret of past failures.

And to fill in the gaps that Thanos left, here are clever ways of overcoming failure and make room for a brighter tomorrow.

1. Accept what is

I get it.

Sometimes things do not go as planned. And most times, things make no sense at all. OK, a bit of soul-
searching may trickle in some kind of enlightenment, like little drops from the rain. Which is great, by the way.
However, sometimes, no amount of intervention will do. The fastest way to get out is to accept and move on. Really, pack up your tools and walk away. Until you do that, you will never know the surprises that await you down the road.

I know what you are thinking, it is not that easy. And you are damn right!
It is not. In fact, it is ridiculously hard! Painful even.
But, what is even harder and downright ugly is getting stuck in something that you can’t change. Now that sucks. Big.Time.

In the words of Oprah, failure is God’s way of pointing you in a different direction. Oh Oprah! the queen
of all things wise. So yeah, get up, dust yourself up and get your groove on. Or at least attempt to.

Maybe one day at a time?


2. Change the rules of the game



Let’s face it.

For every effect, there is a cause. It goes without saying that this is the most fundamental truth that
governs our existence. Doing something in a specific way gets you specific results. Every time. Yet this is
the eye-opening truth; if you can unearth the cause, then it gives you control of the effect.

Think about this: A trail of ants will always lead to the sugar, breadcrumbs or whatever it is they are busy
delivering to queen ant. Do you want to change the trail? Then don’t just stand there, get rid of the
sugar or breadcrumbs. This way, the little buggers have no reason to stay. They must go and find
something else that serves their purpose.
The same is true for you.

You’ve got to sit down and examine the rules you play your life by. Unfortunately for some, the rules
might be such a tangled up web of misconceptions, self-loathing and lies. This calls for a massive
overhaul, a complete make-over. Yours may not be too bad- though you might need a spreadsheet to
figure out which rules to change.
But…here my friend is where the game changes.

Change the rules, change the game.


3. Feel the fear, but do it anyway


Fear is audacious and shameless. Which makes it a paradox. Why? Because audacity and shamelessness
are both a cool thing. Think about it; everything great was born from elements of audacity and
shamelessness. Yet, in the shameless nature of fear, it preys on your failures and paralyzes you every
time you attempt to get up. This is precisely where the principle of fighting fire with fire comes in.

You see, fear will never make way for you. Not in a million years. It will never step aside for you and give
you a hot towel. Nope. So please do not sit around latching onto that hope. Because for all we know,
you might be waiting ages. Heck, you may even turn into a dinosaur.

This is what you must do: Push against fear. There’s no diplomacy where fear is concerned. You have to
play your hard-core, gangster card. In an audacious and shameless way.

That’s what works.