It starts with zeal.

It begins with momentum, like the engine of a plane ascending to the sky. I am talking about the basis of new resolves, of fresh intentions. We draw lines in the sand and decide to shake things up a bit for the better.

It makes us feel powerful.

Some of these endeavors aimed at eliminating toxic relationships in order to embrace personal freedom. Or, we may wish to pull ourselves from the rut of procrastination in an effort to resurrect dead dreams. We may even choose to sink our teeth in pursuit of healthy bodies so that we can live full lives.

Such noble quests become the bar through which we raise the standards of our lives. And more often than not, we start off oozing with motivation. Prepared to pay the price- whatever it is. But, this determination lasts a short while.

With the passage of time, say two to three months our enthusiasm wanes. Somewhere along the line, we lose the fire. Little by little, we find ourselves plummeting to the old version of ourselves.

In so many ways I have lived my life by this script. More ways than I care to count, really. Many were the days I reeled with motivation to lose a few kilos and keep the weight off. For good. My other goals involved feeding my mind because I was cognizant that it is the essence of personal growth. I was intent on reading more. I bolstered my intentions further by arming myself with the right tools; clear guidelines on how to pull off my new determinations.

Yet, I still hit the wall.

Until last year when I tweaked the dynamics a little bit. And in doing that, unearthed a strategy that unclogged things. Here’s what happened: I shifted the spotlight from how I would get there to where I wanted to get. The guidelines- steps, strategies and the how-to, stopped taking center stage.

I scribbled my desired outcome in my notebook and left it at that. This is what I believe changed the game entirely; the mental picture created by noting down what I had set my heart to, became embedded in my mind.

You see, I was no longer dreaming up ambitions on a whim. On the contrary, I was operating from the center of a clearly defined point. I was tethered to the goal, the anchor of power. What I realized was that by cutting out the fluff- the how to, when and what to do, I had sharpened my focus like a razor.


I get it.

Guidelines are pivotal. In fact, they are the means that ferry you to your desired destination. However, when we lay emphasis on the guidelines, we dilute the power of the resolution. Why? Because guidelines are versatile. Which makes them subject to change. After all, there are many ways to drop anchor at a destination.

Furthermore, placing too much focus on guidelines can chip away at your fervor. Think about this: The energy you employ when trying to figure out why a specific guideline is not working, is energy that could be utilized in inventing other ways of executing your mission.

I like to refer to it as ‘starting with the end in mind’ because this is the effect created when we build a mental picture of the outcome. This mental picture changed the entire game for me. As I kept referring to my little notebook every now and then, the picture continued to fuse with my subconscious mind.

Once an idea is safely tucked away in your subconscious, it permeates through the fiber of your being.

Subsequently, your entire being is directed toward the direction of your intentions. It sets a magnetic pool. Your ideas, moves, and circumstances start to resonate with your intentions. Which not only brings you closer to your goals but also eliminates distractions. Starting with the end in mind is like setting your compass.

This new way of doing new things will accelerate your success level. It will become the guiding light that ensures that your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

When you set your compass, the journey becomes easier.