This one is a keeper, no doubt.

Not the former first lady – even though she is an incredibly amazing woman who won our hearts. It is her memoir, Becoming which is definitely a keeper. Here, she reveals the pivotal moments and detours that have shaped her life journey this far.

Pretty cool, huh?

But, wait, there’s more: A mirror. In showing us parts of herself, she holds a mirror that shows us elements in ourselves. Elements that we know not, and others that we used to know but have long forgotten. These are 5 incredible quotes that I know will act as a mirror to your soul and inspire you in your journey to becoming more.


Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.

This right here is pure gold. It makes you rise up, straighten your shoulder and embrace yourself and what makes you, you.

The lesson being that in life, you control what you can.

Pretty powerful right? Just that kick-ass reminder that you are not powerless; the controls are right in your hand.

But I do know myself.

Here’s another one that stopped me in my tracks, people! Do you know yourself? Or are you defining yourself by who you were five years ago? Are you looking within to see how you have evolved and who you have become?

The universal challenge of squaring who you are with where you come from and where you want to go.

And this, downright made me scream. I love it! Who you are, has got nothing to do with where you come from and where you come from, has got nothing to do with where you want to go.

My dad had faith in his own utility.

Probably the one thing that should make you jump out of bed and face your day with a spring in your step. Which you will, when you know your abilities, talents, and usefulness.