The world is like a coin. It bears a face on one side and another on the flipside. Both significant. Both real. On the one hand, everything in the world matters. On the other, nothing does.

Both views are as factual as they are true. 

In a world where everything matters, you are constantly bombarded with information about the implications of even the slightest of your actions. Both to yourself, others as well as the environment.

So naturally, you set about your life with extra caution and determination.


For example, you get in the grind from a very early age – long before you are capable of figuring out what your life is all about. Still, this doesn’t stop you. You do so wholeheartedly, order to lay a firm foundation upon which (you hope) to erect a good future. Not only for yourself and the generations to come but also for the society at large.

For you, this is a chance to make a dent in the world. 

You eat healthily, stay fit, sharpen your mind, and dress well. You set lofty goals and scale big walls- as you should.

After all, your only limitation is the sky, right? All this, in the hope of getting a mega experience out of this thing called life.



But, what if your view of the world, and what it stands for, is completely different? 

What if you view is; does it matter anyway? What is the point of walking the tight rope of discipline, self-control, and tenacity when there is no guarantee that it will bear fruit?


And you are right to think that way. After all, there are many ways that your thoughts can be validated.

You wonder, why spend decades burying yourself in books, toiling long and hard for good grades, only to end up with a job that just about covers half of your expenses? Why exercise with such rigorous dedication only for a terminal illness to bring down the hammer on your health? In fact, for all we know, it takes is a single hit by a bus to send anyone to an early grave. Just like that. Sad but true. 


Thus, to predict which one of your actions will add up becomes something next to impossible. Because there is a wide scope of options and anything could happen. Good and bad. For all we know, a second is all it takes to destroy everything that has been under construction for years.

But, the opposite is true. One decision could be the seed that gives birth to a legacy that impacts generations.


The light of this truth then begs the question: Which of these views will you choose to focus on? The cards are in your hands. At the end of the day, the choice is entirely up to you. But for me? Optimism wins any day. 


You see, there’s no telling when or which way the cookie will crumble. Sad as it is, no one knows whether the map you draft for yourself will lead you to The Promised Land. Whatever that looks like for you. 


But here’s what I know; the path of optimism is laced with happiness and fulfillment. And as such, it keeps you moving. Just like blinders keep a horse focused on the race, so does optimism.

It is the leash that keeps you tethered to hope.

Which brings us to this fundamental truth: Should you decide to choose the high road – that of living your life in purpose – your optimism will reel you in. 

Don’t believe me? At least you can believe the late Steve Jobs who said:

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.


With the world events taking unexpected turns daily, integrity sinking deeper into murky waters, and bad news reaching you faster than you care to welcome it, optimism then becomes more crucial than ever. 

Unfortunately, optimism doesn’t grow on you. It takes an act of will on a daily basis to wear it. 


As you step out of bed today, tomorrow and the days to come, I hope you choose optimism and while you are at it, wear it well.