Social distancing, lock-down, quarantine, you name it. We’ve become so familiar with these terms lately. But essentially, they all mean one thing; more time on our hands.

Perhaps more than we know what to do with. Oh yeah, except one thing; scrolling down the newsfeed on our phones or tv. Endlessly.

We’re watching to see how this pestilence changes color so that we can adjust our stance in the weeks ahead. As such, most of us have turned up the heat on our prayers in the hope that God graciously extends His healing hand over our land. I am personally tuning in to my all-time favorite preacher Bishop TD Jakes for some much-needed inspiration.

But it’s not that bad.

The silver lining in all this? We get to sleep in, eat and wear pajamas all day. Cool!

And whilst the news is flooded with stern instructions on staying home, when it comes to moving our lives forward, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re helpless.

Not entirely at least.

You see when we eventually flip this Covid-19 thing on its head, it’ll help to know we didn’t waste this fraction of our valuable lives.

By doing the things listed below, we can still be productive with the time we have on our hands.  

1. Home workouts.

Photo by Form on Unsplash

You know all those days you used the excuse ‘I really don’t have time to exercise?’ Well… let’s just say it holds no water now.


Because YouTube has a million home workout videos. And what’s more, most of these don’t even require any equipment – except, of course, the will to do it and a bit of space. Simply move your furniture around and you’re good to go.

Now you can start sweating it out.  This is the time to get that hot bod you’ve been craving for.

I’ve been using Chloe Ting’s two weeks shred video. It’s only 10 minutes but if you’re like me, it’ll leave you drenched in sweat and panting like a pig!

2. Try a new recipe.

This is the time to experiment with new cuisines. Again, YouTube will teach you pretty much everything- from Thai, African, Koren, Vietnamese, etc.

I learned to cook Dhal from YouTube. This Indian dish is super delicious, easy to make, suitable for vegetarians and absolutely healthy. Lentils are a superfood loaded with protein, fiber, and good carbs.

3. Self-Care.

You can never overdo this.

In fact, the best way to ensure you’re well equipped to meet the demands attached to your life is to incorporate self-care into your lifestyle.

And there’s never been such a great time to starting to start inching towards this. And soon enough, as self-care becomes embedded into your life, you’ll start to experience its transformational benefits.

Don’t know where to begin? No worries, I got you!

My new book; Self-Care: A Simple Self-Care Guide to Get Rid of Anxiety, Stress and Achieve Happiness will break down the different aspects of your life and how you can implement self-care routines into each one. It’ll explain the benefits of a self-care lifestyle. And most importantly, it’ll outline the steps you can take to start changing your life.

4. Pamper yourself.

Finally, your skin can breathe! You no longer need to slather on your make up every day. What a relief!

What this means is that you can actually take your skincare game notches higher now.

For example, you can now drink the recommended eight glasses water-or more if you can- because hey, you’re now in your house. No need to worry about picking up germs like you would at your workplace.

You could even experiment with some DIY face masks. My go-to face masks are either turmeric, honey and yogurt, or honey and lemon mask.

These are excellent for clearing blemishes and improving the skin’s elasticity. Which is great for keeping those wrinkles at bay!

5. Give your clothes a new lease of life.

You finally have time to sift through your closet and revamp your style. Because when you dress well, it automatically elevates your confidence.

Here are several approaches to this: Try mixing and matching outfits of different pieces, textures, and colors and see how they play out. Or perhaps re-design them by cutting off sleeves, adding buttons of different shapes and sizes or even shorten long dresses.

You’ll be surprised how this can add flair to your style.

You can also pull out the garments that have been stashed away for years. Consider selling them on eBay, marketplaces or donating them to centers’ for second-hand clothes.

6.Organize your photos

Photo by Soragit Wongsa on Unsplash

And since we’re talking about organizing, don’t forget to organize your photos. Each photo on your phone or camera is a memory you want to preserve for years to come. Imagine the fulfillment when you replay them with your children 15 years from now.

In this digital age, we’ve got more pictures than we can store. Its time to free up the storage on our phones. Delete repeated ones, download them on USB and store them in files.

And just like that, you have a neat set of albums with the right dates and events.

See… it’s not that hard.


Here’s the truth; we’ve all been affected by the coronavirus in one way or the other. If you’re not infected, you’re definitely affected. None of us is safe. We’re all rolling with the punches.


Now is the time to dust off that journal you’ve had for years and begin putting your thoughts on paper. 

As you self-reflect, you’ll experience a stream of clarity. A good place to start would be to reflect on the things you’ve changed and determine whether they are worth assimilating into your normal life once this is over.

8. Organize your playlist and upgrade your podcasts

If you’re anything like me, music is life! This is the well I draw my inspiration and energy from. And don’t we all need it at such a time as this? There tons of great music out there, on YouTube, Spotify and many other resources. Download fresh music and see what talented creative have been busy hatching.

I enjoy my music most when running or organizing my home. It might be worth trying it one day and see how enjoyable it is.

Also, try out new podcasts. This is great because you can do it as you knuckle down on your house chores. Oprah Winfrey’s life class podcasts are loaded with insights from brilliant individuals.


Photo by George Coletrain on Unsplash.

Perhaps the silver lining in all this is that we get to spend time with the people we love- hopefully, we do! Let’s remind them how valued they are and how much we love them.

Whether it’s your partner, children, parents, or pets, this is the time to cuddle, curl, hug, whatever. You can start by doing your kid’s hair, teaching them how to organize their rooms or watching cartoon movies.

Also, you can use this time to iron out any rough edges in your marriage. Perhaps bring to the surface any issues that have been under the carpet for a while.

Besides, rolling in the hay a few more times per day wouldn’t be such a bad idea right?

Basically, double down on polishing your relationship. And have fun with it too! Play your favorite video games, cards, try a workout together or learn a new skill.

Your options are endless.

For those restricted by distance, there’s still hope. You still have plenty of options; Whatsapp video calls, Facetime, Google hangout and many more.

      10. Go for a drive or a walk.

Social distancing doesn’t mean bondage.

When you can’t take it anymore, you can still step out for some fresh air. Go to an isolated place and connect with nature. It’ll clarify your thoughts and energize you. 

Don’t want to be anywhere near people? No worries. Hop into your car, wind your windows down and go for a long drive.

In the end, this is a fraction of your life that you’ll never get back. It’ll be wise to stay productive.