When this is over…

  1. You will no longer fit into your normal. You won’t be able to go back. Life as you knew it will have changed color. Your systems will have changed, you’ll have adopted new coping mechanisms, and your priorities will be overhauled.


  1. You will step into your new life armed with a renewed sense of freedom. You’ll appreciate the pleasure of a long walk, the chatter of kids in the park, and even the thrill of a kick-ass workout at the gym. You’ll no longer complain about taking a bus ride to work or hopping into a train to go into the city. You’ll plan your next holiday to a far off country.


  1. You’ll fully internalize the wisdom that the best things in life are free. Like fresh air.


  1. You’ll appreciate hugs more.


  1. You’ll not only be more hygienic; you’ll have cleaned up unnecessary people, routines, habits and other superficial elements from your life.


  1. Your children will know you better. As will your understanding of them. The flaws that have always been masked by your busy life will now be out in the open.


  1. Your marriage will be smoother – thanks to the virus – the rough edges will be ironed out and all issues formerly under the carpet will be brought to the surface.


  1. The other side of the spectrum will also hold; you’ll finally give up on trying to resurrect the dry bones of a dead marriage. And just like that, you’ll open yourself up to the possibility of new love. Unapologetically.


  1. You’ll probably own the first chapter of your manuscript, music, or business proposal. Whatever it is, you’ll have actualized an idea that you’ve shelved for years.


  1. Chances are, you’ll be 10 kilos heavier, in which case you’ll want to do something about it.


  1. You’ll have first-hand experience in the fragility of human life and will be well –equipped to share your slice of wisdom with the generations to come.


  1. You’ll realize that less is enough.


  1. You’ll feel yourself changing. A new version will emerge from this. As will your beliefs and perspective.


  1. Meanwhile, you still have today. The darkness of uncertainty has filled the world. You have one job and one job only: To hold the torch.     Can you do that?