Hello Buddy!

Welcome to OwnYourSpark
A place where the warmth of strength and the light of
resilience dwell together. Where self love is radicalised as we
become cognizant of the elements that form our core beings.
My name is Lea.
A mom to a heart-stirring eleven year old boy.
I radiate alacrity because I believe there are flaming bushes
Years ago, I hit the skids due to bad choices. I found myself
pushed into the rocky shores of life. Washed away by the harsh
waves of a failed marriage and a subsequent divorce. Grappling
with the harsh realities of joblessness. It was a tough fight to
maintain my sanity even as I raised my little bundle of energy
as a single mom!
I endeavoured to mend the tattered fabric that was my life,
which led me on a gruelling path to self discovery and healing.
It was laced with myriad of lessons.

Over time, the illusion of my world caving into the pit of
hopelessness, proved to be just that. An illusion.
For once in my life, I became aware of my resilience and
strength. It dawned on me that I possessed the power to alter
the trajectory of my life in any direction I deemed fit. I dared to
believe in the reality of a brighter tomorrow. Then miracles
began to unfold. Inner peace annulled the pain of yesteryears.

The shame was stripped away.
Life will throw us into pits of uncertainty and leave us bruised. I
know it too well. I bear the scars of a failed marriage, single
parenthood, joblessness and raising a child away from home.
I recognize the pains associated with these challenges. Which is
why this blog is not rhetoric. It is a solid affirmation from one
soul that has survived these odds, to another grappling with
the same.
As I pour my heart out to you, I am determined to be your
greatest advocate. I will teach you how I rose from the ashes
and the enormous liberation that followed the release of pain.

I unearthed passions. Fitness, diet, beauty and fashion which
had lain dormant for years.
On this platform my friend, I will share tips to keep you in fine
fettle and spruce up your closet. To keep you looking
fantabulous always!

Eight and a half years ago, God in His infinity mercies, bestowed
me the honour of travelling the world. I joined Emirates
Airlines. As cabin crew for one of the best airlines in the world, I
set foot in over 80 countries. I struck up friendships with
colleagues drawn from a myriad different cities and continents.
I intermingled with customers from all walks of life. I
discovered a diversity of cultures, cuisines, values and way of
My world has never been the same.

In this blog my treasured pal, I will give you insights on the life
of a cabin crew. I will share the highs and lows of flying and tips
on how you can make your flights enjoyable.

I am thrilled to share my life experiences with you as we forge
ahead to scale the wall of life. I ride on the wings of hope and
excitement that as I share the tales of the crackling flames that
have leaped through my life, I will enrich yours. That you will
believe in yourself enough to let your light shine though. That
you will see the Spark within you and it’s potential to ignite a
flame in your life.
Hence the title of this blog.
As you make this your home, you will be well on your way to
own your spark!
Hugs and Kisses!