There is something to be revered in people who have competently mastered their art.

Like a shining beam of light, they cast a spell of admiration. It is that young lad in tattered jeans clutching onto his guitar as he lets out an astounding performance. To the merry, old man with silver beard who proudly showcases his paintings at the gallery. To that author in thick glasses, multiple rings on her fingers, standing on a book shelf idolizing her publications. What accelerates the intrigue is when these people wear other professional hats.

I recently watched a documentary of someone whom I thought is on top of her game. As a professor, she enhances the intellect of her students from the bubbling brook of her knowledge by day. She also wears another hat; a DJ by night!

If you are like me, it must intrigue you, ‘How do they do it?’ I mean, we all get 24 hours right? How do they fulfill their purpose, playing two cards simultaneously?

It is a deep-rooted fact, that the majority of people have their wells of creativity at an overflow.  Sadly, it simply goes untapped.  Many of us trudge through life burdened with the weight of responsibility. We grope in the darkness while the light of our creativity goes dim. We never fan the flame of intuition within that reminds us that we can make excellent cooks, interior decorators or even dancers. The hallmark of true living is emptying out the well of our potential. When we are living out our highest truest calling, it ushers us into true happiness.

The following tips will help you make adjustments necessary to get you started:



1. Seek a Mentor

A mentor is one who has gone ahead of you and done most of the work. They have cleared the thickets and paved way for a safe landing into your next dimension. Everyone who has trudged their way to the pinnacle of success has sat at the feet of a mentor. Mentors can be found at every turn; books, podcasts, YouTube and established organizations that provide specialized knowledge. At this age, you can teach yourself anything under the sun.

My all time favorite is Amazon, an avalanche of information at prices that won’t put a dent on your card.

2. Write it Down

Writing down your aspirations powerfully fuses them with your consciousness. It solidifies your belief.  Aside from serving as a constant reminder, writing bolsters your ambition, especially when enthusiasm starts to flutter. Referring to your notes heightens your commitment and raises your clarity.

Repetition is the key to learning.

3.Take Concrete Action Step

So, you are beaming with enthusiasm to start tapping on your potential and do the thing you always wanted to do? Good.  Now step out and throw yourself to it.  Procrastination is an ugly monster that resides in your mind, swallowing talents and creativity into oblivion. There will never be a perfect time to launch. Bear in mind that, if you wait for the stars to align, you will wither away. The second step only gets illuminated once you take the first step. Carve out some time to learn that new art. Be intentional and remember that every little step, tips the scale in your favor.

Small hinges open big doors.

4. Steer Clear of Distractions

I lose count of the numerous mornings when I purposed to take a plunge into productivity, only to wind up floating around aimlessly. Oh the aftermath of distraction! If you are to commence creation of that which your heart yearns to craft, you have to uproot every evil weed of distraction.

When your eyes are fixated on the price, the chances of getting thrown off-course are slim. A to-do list is a sure fire way to hem you inside your intention.



Incorporate these tips to propel your momentum, and tap into your well of creativity. Make a commitment to plunge into your artistic side; it might just open doors that revolutionize your world.  Start now while you possess the vibrancy of physical strength.

Write a damn good story while you still can, and at the sunset of your life, you will be damn pleased to read it!