‘People will stare, make it worth their while.’ Tom Ford.

How many times have you told yourself, ‘I have nothing to wear’ while looking at a closet full of clothes? I bet there are many.

Whether you are catching up with your mates for brunch, going on a date with that special someone who makes your cheeks blush ;), or just taking on another day at the office, you want to look stylish. I mean, who doesn’t?

After all, there’s something to be said, when you pull off a look that makes heads turn. Talk about high confidence! Sure, confidence is more of an inside job than anything else. But let’s face it, a stylish outfit puts a spring in your step.

So what if I told you that between the rails of your closet, are outfits that could transform your style from average to fabulous. Pretty awesome right? Well… read on to find out how.

Define your personal style

First things first, you must figure out the style that best suits you. Because ultimately, you want to wear clothes that make you come alive. Isn’t that the whole point? And to do this, you need to examine your closet

Any clothing that has not been worn for over a year says something: It is boring, you are not feeling it and it is a bad purchase. Toss it out. This leaves you with garments that you love wearing.
Great, now we are making progress.

The next thing is to define your personal style. But before that, you need to identify your body type. Are you a pear, an apple, hourglass, rectangular or inverted triangle?
Once, you are clear on that, you are good to go. The rest is easy. Many inspirational style boards can guide you. Pinterest is a good place to start.

Build around one item
You can also spruce up your image by building around one outfit. Take your favorite blazer for instance. You don’t have to pair it with the same outfit each time you wear it.

You can get innovative by wearing it with other items. You could try to wear it with a short dress, a plain top, a colorful blouse, skinny jeans or skirts.

Color block your outfits

Color blocking is the coolest thing lately. It is easy too. It involves mixing blocks of colored apparels to create a vibrant look. Hint; the rainbow will give you an idea of the colors which contrast or complement each other. Even God loves colors! And the best part is that you can pull it off in many different ways. For example:

a) Pick one garment of a specific color and blend it with other items of similar shades and tones. For example, a blue blouse and a turquoise skirt.
b) Pick one apparel of a certain color and mix it with another item of a contrasting color. For example a yellow blouse and purple pants.
c) You can also mix attire from the same color family. For example an orange dress and a red jacket.

Think of accessories as the icing on the cake. They not only finish off your look but also add an elegant flair to your ensemble.

You can complement your outfits with neck scarfs, necklaces, head scarfs, belts, rings, hats, and sunglasses.
Also, don’t forget to swap your shoes around. For instance, try to wear your boots with short dresses and skirts.
While you are at it, flatter your clothes with belts and purses.

Grooming is everything
Needless to say, your grooming is everything, given that your body is like a canvass that you paint on with your clothes. Which goes to say that you have to iron out any rough edges to in order to achieve fabulous style. It is paramount to treat your face to a good skin care regimen, shape your eyebrows, get a manicure, pedicure and of course give attention to your hair.

Pulling off a fabulous look does not have to be a daunting task. By incorporating the guidelines above, you will be well on your way to stepping into your day looking nothing short of fabulous.