Your eyes have witnessed it. The spectacular allure of weddings.  The binding declarations of marriage vows. The palpable hope of a tomorrow that lasts for eternity. This is the significance of a wedding. At least for me it was, until life threw me a curveball. The light in my marriage went dim. The hum faded. Darkness fell. Fortunately in the cycle of life, no circumstance is carved on stone. Time passed and the darkness dissipated. Fresh hope sprang forth.

Eleven years later, I possess a narrative of hope. A silver lining that transformed me into a better version. Walk with me as I shed light on ways that a divorce empowered me to ride on strength I never knew I possessed.

I unveil the bountiful blessings that came wrapped in sandpaper.

My Inner Strength Was Unveiled

In the face of a drowning marriage, I held my head up. I mastered the art of crisis management – taking care of my son, living and working. The stigma of divorce and single motherhood did not triumph over me. I stood strong in the face of legal nuts and bolts. Being a single mom motivated me to work twice as hard and in the process cultivated a strong work ethic.

I Recognized My True Support System

When the walls of divorce closed in on me, most relationships ebbed away. The remnants formed pillars that supported me in the struggle to find myself. My family, several friends, my spiritual mentor and several neighbors were these pillars.

I Became Immersed In Self Love

Like every mother, I was determined to shower my son with love. I discovered that I could not offer what I did not have. I needed to fill my cup, before I could pour into his. Hence I made it a mission to love Leah. I engaged in what made me come alive. I glammed up. Took up running. Took holidays with my son. I created a vibrant new identity. I became more attuned to my gut. I found new independence and that became an absolute thrill.

The Compass Of My Life Shifted

The move to Dubai was crucial to fend for my son. Little did I know it would alter the entire trajectory of my life. It ushered in a fresh phase of my life – an enviable job in one of the top airlines in the world. My globetrotting beefed up my international experience and allowed me to interact with individuals from all walks of life. I became accustomed to a lifestyle in one of the most dynamic and exciting world cities on the globe.

I Experienced God

When I reached the end of my tether, God showed up. He unmasked my inner eyes and drew me into His intricate plan. He kept the flame within from snuffing out. His grace shone through. He opened doors. Good doors. Great doors. I found peace and purpose. God gave me emotional stability.

A Powerful Story Was Birthed

A powerful story of hope was birthed. A narrative to be shared with ladies in dysfunctional marriages. Wise counsel to young girls before they dip their feet in the waters of matrimony.

An inspiring story for single mothers with big shoes to fill. Stirring embers to guide mothers in the search for themselves.


The storms of life can take the gleam out of our eyes. We can choose to ride it out or allow it to subdue us. Storms do not linger perpetually. Pristine possibilities and glistening hope await on the other side.

Are you presently bogged down by a storm? I hope you can persevere and birth your own story.

The world yearns for it.